Student Wellbeing

Education at ۲ʿ has always extended beyond facts and figures to focus on the needs of every individual to be happy at school and put their best foot forward. 

Whether it be in the classroom, in the co-curricular programme, in the boarding house, providing service to others or participating in Outdoor Education, we aim to help every student develop in character and scholarship, find their voice, and be an integral part of their community. 

Academic excellence is highly valued and supported, but the wellbeing of students’ always comes first.”Mrs Alison Wright, Head of Secondary School (Students)

The School’s curriculum aims to promote long-term student wellbeing and resilience. We develop strategies with our students to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, promote mindfulness, and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

The holistic nature of the RGS experience means Rockhampton Grammar students emerge equipped to pursue their ambitions, secure in their sense of self and armed with the capacity to deal with whatever opportunities and challenges that life will place in their way.

Here When They Need

RGS is fortunate to have a state-of the-art Health Centre on campus that is staffed by qualified and caring nurses. The School also has its own appointed doctor and physiotherapist who regularly visit the School.

As well as medical services, we cater to other aspects of physical and mental wellbeing. School psychologists and a visiting Chaplain are available for students to support their mental health and personal development.

Our Classroom teachers, Form teachers and Heads of Year are always an accessible point of contact, responsible for the pastoral wellbeing of the students, as well as supporting academic progress.

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Leading the Way

RGS became the first school in Queensland to receive Safeguarding Children accreditation thought the Australian Childhood Foundation. The accreditation independently validates the School's absolute commitment to child safety.


RGS engages Stymie as part of its wellbeing programme. This online programme helps combat the bystander effect by enabling students to report incidents of bullying and harm, safely and anonymously.


SchoolTV is a unique online resource available to RGS families, delivering powerful and credible information to empower parents with the skills to address common issues facing young people today.

This online platform aggregates credible and sound information across a range of topics, and provides parents with realistic, practical ongoing support strategies on important topics such as mental health, body image, bullying and online safety.